An analysis of the topic of the caricom and the british west indies federation

CARICOM and CSME: Analysis of failure, design modification and retrofit - Part I

Haiti was asked to join Caricom as a provisional member inwith full membership to be based on conditions such as trade liberalization.

Above this is a helmet topped with a flaming torch held by an upright arm. According to Williams, West Indian leaders, inselected Grenada to serve as the capital of the Federation. The EU affords an impressive example of the gains to be derived from freer trade between such countries.

The Caribbean can also be expanded to include territories with strong cultural and historical connections to slaveryEuropean colonisation and the plantation system. This example Caribbean Community Caricom Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only.

It bore four equally-spaced narrow white stripes with a large orange-gold disc over the middle two lines in the center of the flag, undulating horizontally across a blue field representing the Caribbean Sea and the sun shining upon the waves.

This can be illustrated in a hypothetical situation in which countries say, France and Germany are permitted to get together to make whatever preferential agreements they wish.

At the time of the union, most of the citizens in the region were descendants of Africans who had been forcibly transported to the Caribbean and enslaved. The WIFLP had advocated the encouragement of agriculture while the DLP had promised a climate favourable to both private industry and labour, development of human and economic resources.

W.I. Federation: Failure From the Start

The idea had been discussed in the Colonial Office since the later nineteenth century, but it was brought to new life with a regional conference held at Montego Bay, Jamaica, in How do we attain unity in a region where, according to Christin Girault, "elements of diversity tend to overshadow the trends towards unity"?

Inthe movement for closer union among British colonies in the Caribbean reached its high point with the establishment of the Federation of the West Indies.

Some goods that were previously bought from domestic producers are now bought from lower-cost producers in the trading partner nation, whose goods now come in duty-free, which improves efficiency. The torch signifies a beacon to light a path.

Some of the smaller countries of western Europe such as the Netherlands have export and import totals that approximate half of their GDPs.

West Indies Federation

The Federal Capital of the federation was located in Trinidad and Tobago Economically the Region remained as it had been for centuries and during this period of time not even free trade was introduced between the Member Countries during this period.

Orders, these critics say, came from the British Colonial Office, which backed federation only because it was a means of administrative economy. As a political entity, the JLP had not been in the vanguard of the Jamaican political movement for independence since the decade of the s.

West indies federation

Both were organised by Jamaican politicians: Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw St. In some territories as well, there were substantial communities of citizens of East Indian descent, this being especially true of Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana.

Rainfall varies with elevation, size and water currents cool upwellings keep the ABC islands arid. A great example being recent events of Hurricane Irma devastating the island of Saint Martin during the hurricane season.

The agreement also prohibits member states from applying duties or charges on any product exported from their jurisdiction to a member country. For Professor Lewis, issues such as those relating to the absence of West Indian nationalism, the role of personalities, and geographical distance, were inherent in the negotiation of a new, collective, political regime.

Kitts Minister of Communications and Works: Trade among developed countries The greatest volume of trade occurs between the developed, capital-rich countries, especially between industrial leaders such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.Established in by 12 Caribbean countries, the Caribbean Community and Common Market (Caricom) is the successor to the Caribbean Free Trade Association (Carifta), which was founded in by five former British colonies (Antigua, Barbados, Guyana.

Essay on CARICOM Essay Sample. The founding of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) was the result of a year effort to achieve the hope of regional integration which had begun with the establishment of the British West Indies Federation in The West Indies Federation Established inthe West Indies Federation comprised the ten territories of: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, Montserrat, the then St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, Saint Lucia, St.

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The idea of federation has been bandied about in the West Indies for a long time. From the early days of Settlement in the 17th century, the idea of juxtaposing two or more islands for administrative convenience or for mere economic expediency, had appealed to the Euro-British government but there.

The founding of the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) was the result of a year effort to achieve the hope of regional integration which had begun with the establishment of the British West Indies Federation in It was a Federal Government drawn from 10 member islands which were Antigua and Barbuda.

An analysis of the topic of the caricom and the british west indies federation
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