Was haig the butcher of the somme essay

Advance on the German trenches? He allowed British soldiers to move under the cover of heavy artillery bombing. He explains this in Source A where he says that: War memories, accounts, biographies, diaries and facts have all been put forward, but I think it all could have happened differently with a different leader.

Douglas Haig should have been hung, drawn and quartered for what he did on the Somme. This source is reliable because given the fact that it was written by a Prime Minister of Britain during WW1. When Britain lost 60, soldiers in a single day, it was a wake up call for Haig to change his strategy in order to minimize the casualties.

One argument goes that he was, ultimately, victorious and, even if he had been replaced would there have been anyone better for the job? This shows his sheer devotion, and kind-heartedness, to his wounded troops, by visiting them and nursing them and giving the ambulance crew a bit of a break.

Not thought through properly? This reason is how he was not informed well. Haig was convinced that the German troops were exhausted and could give up at any point of time. We will write a custom essay sample on Haig: The British Government attempted to make trench warfare seem a lot less bad than it actually was, due to the need for new troops, as a persuasion tactic, to ease relatives and assurances for country.

They were sitting ducks. This source was written years after the war in a local newspaper called Pro Venanic. Horse ambulance wagons no use; light motors most necessary. He lived in the past too much, adding to the likeliness of losing because the Germans were fairly up-to-date with technology.

This plan went completely wrong because the bombs thrown at the German came to little or no avail and completely failed at destroying German trenches. South bank of the German defense was made incapable of resisting another attack.

This was not really his fault you could say — he was ill informed. As the artillery bombing failed to destroy the German bunkers and barbed wire fence, British Force suffered heavy casualties.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? If the sources were written before WW2, there would have been a better chance it was reliable than afterwards where their brains are clouded with more war. Politically there were not many things that were not bad consequences and Economically, U.

You can not begin to know how I feel, emotions run through my head; fear, horror, determination, grief. Also highly criticised is the cost of the way he pushed the Germans from French soil, without suggesting alternative methods.

Haig: Butcher of the Somme Essay

However, the battle resulted in heavy casualties on both the sides. They were very deep too — about 20 metres down.

Haig: Butcher of the Somme?

Haig had also counted on the German Trenches being obliterated. And the photo might not be real, or it was just created by the government to raise the support to Haig.

So this source can be either reliable or not and it might not be so fair to Haig saying that he is a butcher. Haig refused requests for extra hospital trains to be made available before the attack beg.

Source C backs this up.More Essay Examples on Army Rubric. Field Marshal Douglas Haig was a senior commander in the British army during World War I - Field Marshall Haig: 'Butcher of Somme?'Essay introduction?

Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme?

He was a warrior with difference. However, some believe that the Somme was actually not a disaster and that Haig employed a good tactic. I will explored both sides of the argument and then conclude with my overall view on whether Haig was a “butcher” or not.

Field Marshall Haig: 'Butcher of Somme?' Essay

~0~ There are several reasons why Haig was or was not a “butcher”. Essay Sample Haig was appointed commander of the army on 10th of Decemberand he had had a very successful military career. Haig decided to attack the Germans at the river Somme in to attract German soldiers from the town of Verdun where they were fighting the French and had almost broken through.

Haig: Butcher of the Somme?

general haig the butcher of the Somme?' Introduction General Haig's title of 'butcher of the Somme' originated after the First World War, when, due to a large number of casualties Britain suffered from the war and mostly the Somme.

The people of Britain wanted someone to blame. Did General Haig deserve to be the Butcher of the Somme? 1 JulyBattle of Somme started, fought by the armies of the British and French empires against the German Empire. It took place on either side of the River Somme in France, and it ended on 18 November The Butcher of the Somme - General Douglas Haig.

Evaluation of Actions of General Douglas Haig Essay - Evaluation of Actions of General Douglas Haig Some historians believe that General Douglas Haig was a butcher because of the amount of people killed in action at the Somme.

Was haig the butcher of the somme essay
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